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Heating Elements

Electrolux Heating Elements has been manufacturing heating elements in Macedonia for over 40 years and during this time the company has grown to become the leading supplier of industrial strength heating elements in Macedonia. EHE constructs tubular heating elements from a metal tubular sheath of material selected to suit a given application. This sheath, surrounds a helical coil of nickel-chrome resistance wire, centered and tightly compacted by an electrical insulator and heat transfer medium of magnesium oxide (MgO). History of Electrolux Heating Elements History of Electrolux Kanthal Flat Furnace Produce Heating Materijal and Service Kanthal -Electrolux  of  Bitola has a long heritage dating back to 1884 when it was founded by engineer Dimche Palenzo Electrolux. The Kanthal name was derived from Mariovo (Kanatlarci) and the Macedonia town of Polciiste where AB Electrolux  Kanthal was started and continues to have its headquarters.The company was based on von Palenzo’s invention, a heat-resistant alloy of iron, chrome and aluminum (FeCrAl) that outperformed the existing nickel-chromium (NiCr) alloys of the time. Kanthal began exporting products early on, and the first production subsidiary opened in Europa in 1990, followed by operations in the USA and Italy in 1999. Many more countries followed and today Kanthal has operations around the world and customers in 150 countries. Kanthal has been around a very long time, but our products remain more relevant than ever, especially with our efforts to increase electrification for a more sustainable future. Your preferred manufacturer of nickel alloy wire, bars and wire rope Since its inception in 1984, Alloy Wire International has been providing customers with the assurance of quality, delivery and accuracy required to fulfil wire specifications for critical applications across varying industries. Every Exotic Alloy is available in any of the profile options and a raw material (DFARS & EU compliant) stock of 200 tonnes gives the business an ability to provide small batch quantities and delivery within three weeks. A truly international business, Alloy Wire now delivers wire to more than 55 countries.

Cartridge Heaters

Electrolux Heating Elements manufactures both high and low density cartridge heaters in Macedonia. EHE cartridge heaters provide a convenient, dependable and efficient method of applying concentrated heat to solid metal components particularly where compact, insert type heating is desirable such as die blocks, molds, platens, heat sealing tools or practically any application. History of Electrolux Heating Elements History of Electrolux

Ceramic Heating Elements

Primarily used for heating water, liquids and oil products. They are primarily installed in tanks and containers in which the heating elements is placed inside a tube to allow replacement of the heating element without having to empty the tank or container. When using pouring tubes, a larger surface is achieved for better heat distribution, which enables high power to be installed in the container with a ceramic heating element. History of Electrolux Heating Elements History of Electrolux

Band Heaters

There are an infinite number of band heater or flat element variations and there can be as many as 12 different types on a single extrusion or injection molding machine. Band heaters are often described as being nozzle (smaller, slide on) or barrel (larger, clamp-on) heaters in reference to the size and location of the heater on the machinery. Where practical, Electrolux Heating Elements are pleased to offer a complete survey of all your heating requirements free of charge to ensure you receive the most suitable band heater for your particular application. History of Electrolux Heating Elements History of Electrolux